03 January 2011

It All Started With........

.....a skype chat!

And as I type those words, I laugh to myself as I think how MANY stories I have written and told that started with the words, "It all started with ________" and you can fill in the blanks - an email, a phone call, a chance meeting, a casual comment.......  I guess that tells you right away that I am a pretty impulsive person.  It doesn't take much!

But back to my story!

It all started with a skype chat.......from Shelley, my friend from Sydney (see previous blog posts!)  She was very excited about about something she had seen on a website, so she sent me the link, and here's what I saw:

"The Holy Grail of Photography"

I wasn't hooked yet, but I was intrigued.  And then I started reading.  And looking at the pictures.  And THEN I was hooked!  Now, the funny part of this is that as much as I love to travel, Africa and/or a safari were not even on my Top Ten list.  Heck, they were not even on my list of things to do before I die!  But, before the end of the day, I had talked to Rex, shown him the website, and determined that we would be joining Shelley and Keith on this trip!

Needless to say, there were details to work out, but that was back in June!  And now it's January, and Shelley and Keith are already on their way to Africa, and Rex and I leave in a few days!  We've had our shots (well, I have one more...), we have our prescriptions, plane tickets, passports, safari clothing, bug spray, cameras, computers (well, still waiting on the iPad repair...) and a long list of things yet to be done, so I'd better get busy!  The catch is that we are not expecting to have phone or internet connections for most of the trip, so the blog posts may not show up until after we get back, but I'll do my best to not only write, but post daily.

Thanks for coming along with me!


PS  And after I got a new Canon camera in November, I saw this post in December.  I. CAN'T. WAIT!!

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SuziQCat said...

Looking forward to seeing and hearing about this trip! Have a great time!