06 September 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Since we had learned there was no point in getting up early for breakfast, we didn’t!  Today was going to be a fantastic day for me  - it was my spa day!!  Those of you who know me well know that I love a good massage, and I make it a habit to get one especially when we are at a resort with a spa.  The man who developed Daydream Island made his fortune in skin care products, and the spa here is supposed to be one of the best (if not the best) spa in Australia.  Go to www.daydreamisland.com if you want more info about the resort or the spa.  Once I knew that, I decided to splurge!  In addition to getting my all-time favorite hot stone massage, I also opted for a water treatment called Daydream Delight.  I could hardly wait!  First things first though…

We walked down to the South end of the island and took our morning tea/brekky at the bakery, where we ran into our London friends who were leaving later that day.  Rex had a big cinnamon roll, but since there were no scones, I just had tea.  The shops were open, so I found a new bathing suit and by the time I finished that, there were scones!  So we shared a couple – yummo!  We wandered over to the miniature golf course to see how late it stayed open so that we could play later in the day.  It was a cool course – “Around Australia in 19 Holes” – with each hole representing something about the country.  I had fun just taking pictures of all the holes!


We came across one that we didn’t get – it had a bunch of signs that looked sort of like picket signs, and one of them said “Not Happy Jan”!  What, Jan not happy???  I don’t think so!  We would have to investigate!  I’ll report back on our findings later.  OK, here is the link to the TV commercial that made "Not Happy, Jan" a part of Aussie lingo:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2akt3P8ltLM - it's short and hilarious!

On the walk back, we took our time as I photographed some of the tropical plants and Mr. Big Lizard on the rock.

We still had several hours before spa time, so we decided to visit another of the three pools on the north end of the island.  We grabbed our kindles and slathered on the sunscreen and staked out a place by the pool with a swim up bar.  Duh.  It was another glorious day – I could stay here for a long, long time!  Before too long we were offered drinks (we didn’t even have to get wet!) so I chose a Mojito and Rex had some tropical concoction with mango stuff on the top and blue Curacao on the bottom.  Drink with purpose – cheers!  What a restful day! 

Soon it was spa time!!  Rex stayed out in the sun and at some point went down and rented a jet ski for thirty minutes, while I laid in the lap of luxury for two and a half hours!  My water treatment was sensational – first a light exfoliation, then a mask was painted on me.  I was in a giant white shell that looked like a cryogenesis machine but was really a giant steamer.  I was steamed for twenty minutes, then sprayed with cool water from sprayers inside the steam machine.  Ooooohhh!!!  After I was properly unmasked, I was oiled up.  Oh, almost forgot the most heavenly part!  While I was being steamed, I got a hair treatment and scalp massage.  OMG!!!  Stick a fork in me and call me done!!  Now that I was exfoliated, hydrated, and moisturized, to say nothing of noodle-fied, it was time for my massage.  Like I needed more relaxation!  This was a different hot stone therapy than I’m used to, but I’m not complaining!  They used stones that are fairly uniform thickness and are flat on the top and bottom, and they didn’t do any placing of stones on chakras or between toes or anything delicious like that.  Victoria gives a great massage (MASS-age, as they say here) and I was in nirvana by the time it was done.  Lovely day!

After luxuriating on the balcony overlooking the pool (did I mention that my massage room had a glass wall overlooking the ocean?) and sipping some juice, it was time to rejoin the world and meet Rex for some mini golf.  The course was entertaining and could use some improvement, particularly on the boundaries.  I had a bit of trouble staying within the lines – what a surprise!  Neither of us tore the course up, and I have to report that Rex beat me by one stroke.  Blame it on my nirvanal state!  Anyway, we had fun and then we went in search of food.  We were aiming to eat at the Fish Bowl again, but had to wait for it to open.  It’s beyond me why every restaurant on this resort doesn’t stay open longer than it does!  When opening time came and went with no activity, we investigated and found that we were in for a bit of a barbie!  Rippa!

I’m not sure, but I think this may have qualified for a FULL barbie!  Served buffet style on the beach, we had chicken wings, steak, sausages, pasta salad, tossed salad, potato salad, rolls, and probably more – that’s all I got!  We watched a colorful sunset and simply enjoyed the end of a luxurious day!  I tried not to remember that we would be leaving the island the next day, but to wonder what fun would await us in Brisbane. 

Feeling mighty pampered and delighted!


PS Here are the official descriptions of the spa therapies I had:

Daydream Delight: Sensory Journey

Relish in your time away by immersing yourself in the essence of island luxury. Rebalance your well being with an exquisite exfoliating Salt Glow assisting in smoothing your body contours. Cocoon your soul in a rich and warm body wrap creating serenity followed by a tantalising facial and scalp massage, complete with a deeply hydrating protein hair treatment. Complement your delight at Daydream with a therapeutic and rejuvenating Steam Affussion shower and release all muscle fatigue and stress with a relaxation massage.

    * Aromatic Salt Glow
    * Your therapist will design a treatment to meet your needs from a selection of Botanical wraps from the earth and sea to smooth, soothe, contour and tone
    * Facial and scalp massage with hair treatment
    * Exclusive Hydro-storm Steam Affussion Shower
    * Moisturisation with relaxing body massage

Well Being Rejuvenation

Hot Stone Therapy (1.5 hours)

The pressures of daily life are continuously increasing. Your ongoing drive and fast-paced momentum can quickly result in premature ageing, increased stress, fatigue, and a depleted energy level. Exhale and relax as Sabais therapeutic massage de-stresses your entire being…mind, body and spirit. Feel yourself completely unwind vanquishing fatigue and tension whilst delivering a unique blissful state of relaxation.

    * Combines the use of two micronised minerals, with the finest aromatic essential oils.
    * Alleviate muscular pain and discomfort
    * Increase blood and lymphatic circulation and oxygenation
    * Balance your energy and centre your well-being
    * Hot Stone Massage Therapy

PPS This was not false advertising!

Here are some photos of the beautiful sunset - all shot in color, one right after the other...

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