10 August 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

OK, truth be told, this is really just a test to make sure I can post to this blog from my email!  That said, the countdown is really on now - my alarm is set for two hours from now, at which time I'll hop a ride to the airport and be on my way to Sydney!

It's been a relaxing time in LA - a couple of good meals, one sushi and one seafood at the beach - a little catch up time on the computer, a few loose ends tied up, and in general, just time to kick back and get really excited about what lies ahead.

So the next time you hear from me, unless something really exciting happens between now and takeoff (we'll hope that there is NOTHING eventful to report!) I'll be in Sydney!

So excited I'm not even hungry!



SuziQCat said...

Your post came through fine...can't wait to get updates from Australia!

Sea Dreams Jewelry said...

Love reading all the happenings around Sydney - the sights must be incredible. Not able to see photos - what am I doing wrong?? Thanks!